How We Got Here

We shared a common passion for sport and nutrition and commonly complained about the lack of standardized quality practices or markings on guilt-free pleasure snacks. It looked like there was no unified or acceptable or sanctioned standard of sourcing best raw materials, grown without pesticides or herbicides, or mixed with additives or preservatives, or even processed with strict hygienic practices. It was then that we decided to start this line of guilt-free fruit snacks - that are 100% natural, fresh, delicious and packed with nutritious and dietary essentials.

We drew a plan that took us from our elementary values - to the finished product, making sure we never compromise on core beliefs. We built a mechanism that weaves our values into the entire chain of production: From sourcing the highest quality fruits and processing them naturally in their most fresh - all the way to our packaging facilities which are always located by the production site. The values we drew fell perfectly into four categories: 


The Product:   No additives, preservatives, coloring or flavoring agents. Only 100% pure, fresh, and prime natural fruits with high nutritious and dietary values. 


The Farm:   We only work with farms and farmers who share our values of ecological cultivation, minimal waste and maximal sustainability, applying wherever possible recycling technologies and less than minimal waste or pollution factors. 


The Human Resource:   Socially responsible employment, where all farmhands are of legal age, have completed their education programs successfully, are earning above the average for horticultural employment - and where health and safety regulations are in place and strictly enforced. 


Processing:   Very strict protocols of personal and equipment hygiene throughout the process from tree to packed bag. We cut, process and pack the products fresh, using 100% natural processes, to perfectly retain natural flavors and nutritional values - ripe with fiber, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidant activity. 


We are committed to constantly improving our product range and dietary excellence, allowing you to consume the daily recommended intake of minerals, vitamins, fiber, folic acid and potassium - in a pure, 100% natural, tasty and healthy antioxidant snack form